Our Personnel

The goal of the Auburn Water District is to provide our customers with the best drinking water possible and to provide service on a 24 hour, 365 day a year basis to over 10,000 customers. Our personnel consists of the following Professionals:

Richard J. Weagle, Superintendent is married to Susan Weagle and has two daughters, Michelle and Valerie. Dr. Weagle was a prior Dentist in the town of Auburn with his own practice until 1999. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in 1966, and graduated from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry in 1970. Dr. Weagle is Chairman of the Auburn Board of Water Commissioners, a position he has maintained for the past twelve years. Dr. Weagle accepted the Superintendents post for the Auburn Water District in April 1999. Dr. Weagle enjoys hunting and fishing and is a member of the Auburn Sportsman's Club.

Kenneth R. Smith , Operations Manager came to the Auburn Water District in 2004 with thirty years of civil engineering and water utility experience since graduating from Lowell Technological Institute in 1975. Mr. Smith is a Sutton resident and is married with three adult children. He holds a certification as a Grade 2 Treatment Operator as well as a certificate as a Backflow Flow inspector and Cross Connection Surveyor.

Ronald Rutkiewicz, General Foreman and Treatment Plant Operator is a lifelong Auburn resident. Mr. Rutkiewicz graduated Auburn High School in 1974 and has been employed by the Auburn Water District since 1978. Mr. Rutkiewicz currently holds certification in Grade 2 Distribution and Grade 2 Treatment. As well as an avid sportsman, Mr. Rutkiewicz is a board member of the Auburn Sportsman's Club. Mr. Rutkiewicz operates the pumping station and water treatment plants for the Auburn Water District.

Scott Callahan, Outside Labor is an Oxford resident who is married with a son and a daughter. Mr. Callahan has been employed by the Auburn Water District since 1995 and is a Certified Back Flow Inspector as well as holding certification in Grade 1 Treatment and Grade 1 Distribution. Mr. Callahan is a graduate of Auburn High. His duties with the Auburn Water District include back hoe operations and service and repair.

Bernard LaBranche Jr., Outside Labor is an Auburn resident and a graduate of Bay Path High School. Mr. LaBranche has been employed by the Auburn Water District since 1998 and holds Grade 1 Distribution Certification and a Back flow Inspectors Certificate. Mr. LaBranche is an avid sportsman. His duties with the Auburn Water District include outside service and repair as well as meter reading.

Paula Gadbois, Office Manager was born and raised in Worcester and is an Auburn resident since 1966. Ms. Gadbois is married and has two sons, and one grandson. She has been in public sector for twenty two years. Ms. Gadbois joined the Auburn Water District in February of 1999. Her office duties include accounts receivable, accounts payable and customer service.

Diane Worthington, Office Support was born and raised in Leicester. Diane is a resident of East Brookfield for 15 years and joined the Auburn Water District staff in July of 2003. Diane previously worked at Country Bank in Leicester for 8 1/2 years as a bank teller and a loan clerk. Diane has a son and daughter, and one grandson.

Gil Nobert IV, Outside Service is an Oxford resident and an Auburn High School Graduate and prior member of the Auburn Hockey Team. Mr. Nobert has been employed by the Auburn Water District since 1999. His responsibilities include outside service and repairs, meter reading, and handling of the parts room.

Peter Trainor, Outside Labor was born and raised in Worcester. He is married with 2 children. Peter currently resides in Auburn and has been an Auburn Water District employee since July of 2000. Peter attended the University of Connecticut and St. Peter Marion High School and is very active in youth hockey.




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