Our Programs

NEW SOURCES OF WATER The district is currently exploring a site in the West Street area of Auburn, Massachusetts for two possible well sites. Results so far have been promising.

LEAK DETECTION SURVEY The district is in the process of undertaking a leak detection survey to identify the unaccounted for water in the district system. This is being performed by district personnel and an outside vendor, Carl Soper of Wakefield, MA.

CROSS CONNECTION SURVEY The district is presently surveying all buildings within the district in compliance with DEP regulations to identify and eliminate all possible cross connections between potable and non potable sources.

DISTRIBUTION UPGRADE The district is currently planning on replacing water mains in several areas of the town. An internal inspection of the one million Bryn Mawr storage tank.

FLUSHING PROGRAM We have fall and spring flushing programs. This is when we attempt to flush our district's mains. This improves the water quality though out the water mains.

CORROSION CONTROL The district has been practicing corrosion control for five years, utilizing two different types of chemicals. One is potassium hydroxide which raises the pH of the water making it less aggressive. The second chemical is a blended polyphosphate which attempts to place a small lining on the inside of the distribution piping. This keeps any lead and copper in your home from leaching out.

SALT STUDY A salt study is currently under way to determine the negative impact of road salts on our well sites. The district has a grant from DEP in the amount of $45,000 to locate and identify all run off from roadways that may adversely effect our well sites.


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