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Final Water Reading

When the ownership of a residential or commercial property is scheduled to change, the District generates what is known as a Final Water Bill on the property. The seller can take the meter reading themselves and relay that information to the District. Alternately, the District can visit the property and conduct a final water meter reading for the property, however a $60 fee will be applied to seller.

The water meter is typically located in the basement utility room or along the foundation wall closest to the street. Do not try to access the outside meter box, this houses the radio used to transmit the readings and does not display any values.

The District will need the following information:

  • Address of the property that is being sold;
  • The date of the scheduled closing;
  • The new owners name and contact information (where future bills are to be mailed, if not the property address);
  • The closing attorney’s name, email, phone and fax numbers;
  • The water meter reading consisting of the first six digits, read from left to right.

Once the final water reading is done, the District will produce a final bill and email it to the closing attorney. We will also share the closing information with the Auburn Sewer Department who will generate a final sewer bill and fax that information separately to the attorney.